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DICOM software toolkit, medical imaging, software development - Blair Computing Systems

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Project News

The bcsi software architecture and engineering team continues to provide expertise in our areas of specialty.  The project news below describes some of our most notable current and past projects, with links to partner or client web sites where more information about the products and companies can be found.

DICOM Connectivity Framework

Developed in continuing collaboration with the software products division of bcsi, Laurel Bridge Software, the DICOM® Connectivity Framework (DCF) is a DICOM toolkit that provides the medical imaging community with the industry's most reliable, portable and robust high-performance implementation of DICOM protocol services. DICOM software toolkit for medical imaging - Laurel Bridge Software
This DICOM software toolkit is an advanced, object-oriented collection of software components implementing the DICOM v3.0 protocol for OEM medical imaging systems, enabling a medical imaging system -- printer, scanner, archive device, workstation -- to communicate with other devices over a network, using the DICOM protocol.

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Horizon Medical Imaging Printers

Codonics, Inc. is the industry leader in multi-media imagers, has over 20,000 installations worldwide. Software engineers from bcsi worked on the Horizon®, a family of multi-media, multi-size imagers.  Horizon supports film, color film, color paper and grayscale paper, with no operator intervention to switch between medias. Innovations which our developers contributed to include a CORBA distributed object architecture, an embedded Linux OS, flexible and configurable user interfaces, and control and security systems.
The imagers are compatible with many industry standard protocols including DICOM and Windows network printing. Horizon also features direct modality connection, with up to 12 DICOM connections simultaneously. High speed image processing, networking and spooling are standard.

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DuPont Imaging Technologies

To assist DuPont Color Communication in its ongoing product development, including the CromaPro XP Digital Color Proofing System®, bcsi software engineers and developers have designed, implemented, tested and maintained major product components.

From Java user interface and remote proofing connectivity, Epson and HP large-format printer drivers in C and C++, to configuration management and product update delivery systems, our engineers have made, and continue to make, significant contributions to DuPont's efforts to provide industry-leading software solutions to the digital printing and proofing industry.

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Direct Radiography Systems

Direct radiography (DR) is one of the most significant advances in the field of radiology in recent years. DR systems allow x-rays of a patient to be taken digitally for immediate display on a high-end, diagnostic-quality computer display or storage to a radiological information system (RIS) for later retrieval, display or distribution.

Software engineers from bcsi are involved in the ongoing development of software control, processing and communications systems for the Hologic direct-to-digital radiography systems.

Among our contributes to the product are development of user front-end and device control systems, network software support and system testing.

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DuPont Solid Modeling System

The DuPont Solid Imager is an integrated system developed for the automated layer-wise fabrication of solid, three-dimensional parts (defined by solid or surfaced 3D-CAD data) from liquid photopolymers by using a laser to solidify or "cure" one layer of photopolymer at a time until a complete part is produced.  Engineers from bcsi were involved in the design, specification and implementation of the Somos control system on both Windows and Solaris platforms, including porting the original system from Windows to X-Windows.
The solid imaging system was originally developed by the DuPont Somos® Solid Imaging Materials group located in New Castle, Delaware. The Somos materials business has subsequently been sold.  Now known as DSM Somos, it is part of to DSM Desotech, an innovative formulator and manufacturer of high quality ultraviolet and electron beam curable materials.

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